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Join us for the adventure of a lifetime

Drive a 4WD 'Beast' to the Tip of Cape York

With auto gear box, power steering and air con, you drive in comfort and style. 4WD enthusiasts love the tours, but no previous 4WD experience is required, just be a confident and competent driver. Our guides will assist.

Our tours embrace 4WD icons, historic sites, and the Cape’s must do destinations.

You will experience the Cape, in depth.

Hit the famous 4WD tracks and enjoy the best of the Aussie bush camping experience, including great tucker, campfires under the stars, refreshing swims in welcoming streams and in the mornings rise to the call of wild birds heralding new adventures.

So grab your mates, girlfriends, boyfriends, family, club and reserve a tour date now.

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Meet the Beast Fleet

Our Fleet of Beasts are veteran ‘Cape York friendly’ Nissan GU Patrols.  Nicknamed, ‘Cape Crocs’, they are workshopped from ‘snout to tail tip’ for vigorous 4WD fun. 

Each Cape Croc is specifically modified to perform on Cape York’s tracks as a very capable 4WD weapon and comfortable tourer. The Cape York roads are infamous for destroying vehicles. Many tourists have ventured on to the cape tracks in their brand new 4wd vehicle, only to end up homeward bound on the back of a tow truck. Our fleet has survived all the cape could throw at it. They are tried and tested and fun to drive.

Croczilla, the Guides vehicle, leads the fleet. Snapping at Croczilla’s heels are Kermit, our sentimental favourite and the only frog in the fleet, followed by Crazy Croc, Cool Croc, Cooeee Croc and Rock Croc, with more to come in 2022. All Crocs have the same basic modifications as Kermit, with slight variations in appointments throughout the fleet.

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Cape York 4WD Tours




Hit the famous 4WD tracks and enjoy the best of the Aussie bush camping experience, including great tucker, campfires under the stars, refreshing swims in welcoming streams and in the mornings rise to the call of wild birds heralding new adventures.

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Designed for anyone with limited time to explore the Cape’s treasures. Can be completed from the Tip to Cairns, or from Cairns to the Tip. Includes the essential Cape York 4wd icons.

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  • This tour is the Classic Cape York Itinerary with an in-depth adventure.
  • Travelling with Australian 4wd Adventures you are in good hands. Our 4WD Guides and crew are fun loving professional adventurers, knowledgeable and experienced in 4×4 driving in the Cape.
  • You will explore sites opened to us by our indigenous peoples, the early explorers, gold hunters, cattlemen and more recently a generation of 4wd adventurers.
  • Enjoy the full bush experience. All Aussies love campfires at night, good tucker, a refreshing swim in a welcoming stream. Rise in the morning to the call of wild birds heralding new adventures. All this and more awaits the adventurous on your 11-day Cape York adventure.

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We have created a document to help you prepare your pre (traveling Cape to Cairns) / post (traveling Cairns to Cape) trip itinerary in the Cape York Peninsular and Torres Straits areas. We have included how to get to and from the Cape either before your trip (if travelling from the Cape to Cains) or after your trip (if travelling from Cairns to the Cape) and tours we recommend and places to stay at the top.


Yes! You drive one of our modified Nissan Patrols, each with its own Croc name and personality to match. With your Guides assistance you will drive the iconic 4×4 tracks included in our adventures – Old Telegraph Track, Frenchman’s Track, the 5 Beaches Track and the Bloomfield Track. Occasionally, tracks, and roads are added or taken from a particular tour date itinerary due to weather, safety, or time constraints.

You need to be over the age of 21, have held a license for a minimum of 2 years, be a competent and confident driver and we will help with the rest. There is a 4×4 guide on each trip to guide you through the tough spots and assist you to improve your 4wd skills.

Yes! You will get to experience first hand the Old Telegraph Track, Australia’s most iconic 4×4 Track! Followed by the Frenchman’s Track as well as the Bloomfield and 5 Beaches Tracks.

There are two support vehicles. The Guides vehicle, known as “Croczilla” is just what its name suggests, a ‘beefed up beast’ of a 4WD vehicle, driven by your tour Guide. It is a 4WD garage on wheels, carrying spare parts, tyres, tools, extensive recovery gear, oils and lubricants, fridge and freezer and fitted with a winch, it’s very handy to have around if a difficult recovery is required. On the roads, you are guided and connected to your 4wd Guide by UHF radio and in challenging obstacles your guide will be out on the track directing you by sight in person. The Camp Truck known as “Old Salty” is a large truck fitted out with food fridge and freezer, stoves, bbq, generator, work benches and even has a kitchen sink. Additionally, it has storage room for all the camp equipment. Staffed by the cook and camp assistant, most days this vehicle will travel independently to the Croc Fleet and arrive in camp early to set up before you arrive.

Our programs are mostly fully inclusive, except for some personal items and optional tours available from 3rd party operators such as Fishing or Torres Strait Island tours. We aim to take away all the worry of planning and give you more time to kick back and enjoy your holiday. Please refer to our Inclusions and Exclusions lists detailed with each Tours pricing.

Not much! Just mainly, accommodation before the 9 Day trip starting in Cairns and after any tour that finishes in Cairns. If you are on one of our, Fly/Drive 9 day trips, we haven’t included the flight to or from The Tip and Cairns, as you may choose to extend your trip which will mean you have the option of flying in or out of Horn Island. Talk to us about the options available.  Other items not included are spending money, personal snacks and drinks and personal bottled drinking water.  

Our vehicles are covered for Third Party Property, Fire and Theft Insurance. Please refer to pages 44-55 of the following:­­_act_tas_qld.pdf

We strongly recommend taking out Comprehensive Insurance to cover the following suggested but not limited to: personal belongings, cancellation, emergency evacuation, personal liability, death and disability. Please refer to our Booking Terms and conditions for more information.

Please contact us for further information.

No! we cover the cost of your fuel.

In the event of mechanical breakdown not caused by negligent driving, Australian 4WD Adventurers will provide alternative transport for you to continue. This may involve the loss of a day, to transport a replacement vehicle to the designated site.  Our 4WD Guides are also mechanical wizards and carry most parts required to maintain the fleet throughout the adventure.

Our Guides vehicle carries a Satellite phone in the event of an emergency. Our Guides are First Aid Trained. Comprehensive Insurance inclusive of Medical Cover and Emergency Evacuation cover is strongly recommended.

As we provide tents, stretcher and mattress for everyone, storage/carriage room can be a considerable problem. Call to discuss if necessary. For hygiene reasons you must provide your own sleeping bag (open out doona style recommended) and pillow.  If you have time before departure, these items can be readily and cheaply purchased in Cairns.

Your deposit is non-refundable, but if you need to cancel prior to final payment, you can transfer your deposit to another Australian 4WD Adventure. Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure, any cancelation after this time incurs a 100% cancelation fee. Nil refund will also apply once tour has commenced. Please refer to our Booking Terms and Conditions for more information.

Our fully inclusive trips are all designed around our unique 4WD’s. We know we can look after these vehicles in remote areas with our support crew and gear. 

Our Cape Crocs have spacious interiors and are very comfortable with 3 adults, anymore and you may find yourselves a little too close.  Two adults with 2 children is still comfortable. We want you to have an awesome trip with space to spread out a little.

If we camp in the National Parks, there are toilets and sometimes a shower. At commercial campgrounds, including Roadhouses, you will find excellent facilities including daily serviced toilets and showers. Our bush camp at Chuulangun has toilet and shower facilities. If an emergency bush camp is required, we cannot provide shower or toilet facilities.

The commercial campgrounds we utilise have coin operated washing machines.  Clothes can be washed overnight. Additionally, you will have time to do your washing at the Tip on your free days. On average, a single wash load costs $4, Dryer load $4. ($1 coins are required).

Your personal drinks, water, soft drinks, and alcohol is not provided. Each Cape Croc has a 65-litre fridge ample to keep a daily supply of drinking water cold. You will have the opportunity to buy bulk water and other drinks on Day 1 of each trip. There will be the opportunity to refill drinking water at most commercial campgrounds, alternatively you can buy bottled water from Roadhouses and shops along the way. All water for meal preparation tea coffee etc is provided.

We provide your main meals: Breakfast is a combination of continental and cooked. Lunch is a range of wraps and sandwiches. Dinner is a mix of camp oven dishes and BBQ’s. We pride ourselves on the quantity and quality of our meal menu, which has been designed and prepared by restaurant chefs.

Absolutely – just let us know, well in advance, your special requirements and we will do our best to accommodate.

A trip will only be confirmed and operate when a   minimum number of 8 people in 4 vehicles have booked.  There will only be a maximum of 6 ‘client’  vehicles on any trip. All trips are accompanied by the two support vehicles and crew.

You will just need to bring money for snacks and drinks and any souvenirs and Optional Tours – please refer to our website.
They all have EFTPOS facilities however the internet in these areas is unreliable. Its good to take come cash with you as a back up.
There is limited Telstra coverage only at Cooktown / Laura / Coen / Weipa and Bamaga. There is a public pay phone at Mt Molloy, Mt Carbine, Palmer River Roadhouse, Laura, Hann River Roadhouse, Musgrave Roadhouse, Coen, Archer River Roadhouse, Moreton Telegraph Station and the Jardine River Ferry. Remember to bring coins for these phones.
There will be USB chargers in the vehicles to charge throughout the day as you are travelling.

A lot of land in Cape York is Aboriginal Land where special rules and restrictions apply, not only in the communities, but throughout the whole shire.

You can check the following website for the latest updates:

We also like to support all businesses in the Cape Region and buy as much as possible locally.

If you are on our longer 16-day program there is some free time when you get to the Tip. Whilst we are travelling throughout the Cape we ask everyone to stay as a group for safety reasons.

Absolutely! If fishing is your thing, then it’s a MUST to throw in a line on a trip to the Cape. There is a chance to do half day, full day, or overnight fishing tours from Bamaga. Not promising, but there could be a couple of chances along the way to ‘wet a line’. Our Guides are all keen fishermen. Seisia Jetty and all the beach areas north of the Jardine are noted fishing hot spots.

There are several Optional Tours we can arrange for you. The most popular are the day trip to Thursday island, or, the one day, Three Islands tour. Depending on availability, it might be possible to arrange a Fishing trip. Other longer tours are available if you have the time.

Should COVID-19 government border restrictions impact travel, you will receive a 100% credit for your tour booking.

Outside of these conditions, our normal booking terms and conditions apply.

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