Meet the Beasts

Our fleet of Crocs are all comfortable, spacious, automatic Nissan GU Patrols, with air conditioning and power steering, and modified for vigorous Cape York 4WD fun.

Meet Kermit

Kermit, the only Frog in the fleet, was our first prototype rig, specifically modified to perform on Cape York’s tracks as a very capable 4wd weapon and comfortable tourer. Kermit enjoyed and survived all the Cape could throw at it. Tried and tested, fun to drive, we love him and so will you. Kermit will be back on the Cape’s Tracks again in 2022, with the rest of the Croc Fleet.  All Cape crocs have the same modifications as Kermit, but slight variations in appointments can be expected throughout the fleet.

About the Beasts

  • Each Croc is a ‘Cape York friendly’ Nissan GU Patrol 4WD weapon. All destined to become 4WD legends.
  • Raptor painted and decaled with their own identity.
  • Modified from ‘snout to tail tip’ for vigorous 4WD fun.
  • With auto box, air con and power steering, a pleasure to drive in comfort and style.
  • Australians love their 4WD vehicles. Whatever make or model you drive at home, leave it there, safe, and ready for your next weekend escape.
  • Driving a Croc is a great way to spend  your days in the Cape. Each Croc is a true character. Tough, reliable, and capable of ticking off The Cape’s icons. Crocs are built in our workshop and service schedules ensure they are well maintained during the Cape York season. A Croc is the right weapon to knock over your Cape York Unplugged adventure.


  • Very spacious. Comfortably accommodate 2 or 3 adults, or on Family Tours – 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Large comfy seating.
  • Air-conditioning ensures a cool ride, with no red dust or oily engine smells – essential on the Capes hot dusty roads.
  • Standard entertainment system.
  • Vehicle to vehicle UHF coms.
  • 2 x USB points
  • Additional ‘house’ battery.
  • Cargo barrier
  • Rear storage includes slide out fridge for personal drinks and snacks.
  • Large drawers for recovery gear and additional personal storage space.
  • Fire extinguisher, medical kit, shovel and axe.
  • Organised room for your luggage.

  • Bull bar
  • Bash plate
  • Rated recovery points
  • Communications aerial
  • Winch – some vehicles for group use
  • Snorkel
  • Recovery trax – some vehicles for group use
  • Side sliders and steps
  • Camp flood light
  • Rear bar with jerry cans and spare wheel – some vehicles
  • Roof rack.
  • side awning
  • Upgraded suspension with min 2inch lift
  • 33” wheels with aggressive all terrain tyres
  • Diff, crank case, and gear box breathers

Everything supplied. All you need bring is your luggage containing, personal items, (toothbrush LOL), toiletries and clothes. For hygiene reasons we do not supply sleeping bag or pillow. A detailed Packing List provided on booking.

Camping Equipment:

We provide roomy, two-person, insect and weatherproof canvas touring tents. They feature comfortable head height when standing. Tent has 2 doors and large side windows for ventilation.

A strong, firm-based cot stretcher with thick comfortable mattress for each person.

Each tent is supplied with door mat and tent light. Comfortable camp chairs are included.

All eating utensils: – knives, forks, spoons, plates, bowls, mugs, are carried in the support vehicle ‘Old Salty”. All meals are provided from “Old Salty”.

No previous 4WD experience is required, but you must be 21 years or over, held a license for 2 years and be a confident and competent driver.

Drivers with limited 4WD experience will increase their 4WD skills and gain more confidence as the tour progresses. If the use of a winch or snatch strap is required, your guide will be there to lead and assist.

All tour members, as well as your Guides learn from the shared experience. By the end of the trip, you will be more than happy and capable to handle more of Australia’s famous 4WD touring tracks.

Worth noting, that on any tour, road and or weather conditions may make sections of your itinerary unpassable. There are alternative routes and on most of the iconic challenging 4WD obstacles you have ‘cheat’ options.

“Cheats” enable us to bypass the harder obstacles if needed. You even have “cheats” on the Old Telegraph Track. Every Cape veteran uses ‘cheats’ from time to time when conditions warrant.

No matter if you are hardcore or beginner, one important requirement is a commitment to smile, laugh and have fun.