Privacy Policy – This is the privacy notice of Back Track Adventures. In this document, “we”, “our” or “us” refers to Back Track Adventures registered in Australia with ACN’s 010 080 958 & 010 430 341

The purpose of this privacy policy (Policy) is to set out the approach Back Track Adventures  (ACN’s 010 080 958 & 010 430 341/ABN:23 910 991 873) will take in relation to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of personal information we obtain from persons with whom we deal, including users of our websites Back Track Adventures,  Trek Kokoda, Back Track Antarctica and Back Track Arctic.

This is a notice to inform you of our policy about all information that we record about you. It covers both information that could and could not identify you and information.

This policy has been developed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.

We are extremely concerned to protect your privacy and confidentiality. We understand that all users of our web site are quite rightly concerned to know that their data will not be used for any purpose unintended by them, and will not accidently fall into the hands of a third party.  Our policy is both specific and strict.  It complies with Australian law.  If you think our policy falls short of your expectations or that we are failing to abide by our policy, please contact us and let us know so we can improve our service to our customers.

We regret that if there are one or more points below with which you are not happy, your only recourse is to leave our web site immediately.

1. Collection of personal information

We will only collect personal information where such information is reasonably necessary for us to undertake our functions and activities.

Generally, we collect personal information when you enquire or make a booking with us. We may also collect personal information when you email us, write to us, call us or register with us for newsletters or connect via social media with us.  They type of personal information we may collect includes but is not limited to name, address, telephone number, email, credit card details, passport information, frequent flyer information and any other details that may be relevant to the service we provide to you.

In certain circumstances, we may collect sensitive information about you such as financial information, ethnic origin, religious beliefs or health information. We will only collect sensitive information with your consent and where it is reasonably necessary or directly related to the provision of our services.

In certain circumstances, we may receive personal information about third parties from individuals, when making a booking with us. An example of this would be where a booking is made on behalf of other individuals (such as for family members) and personal information is required.  It will be deemed that where this occurs, we rely on the authority of the person making the travel booking to act on behalf of any other traveller on the booking and that in providing this information to us, all individuals are consenting to their personal information being collected and used in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Note on using our internet sites concerning ‘Cookies’

We use “Cookies”. A “cookie” is a packet of information that allows the server (the computer that houses our website) to identify and interact more effectively with your computer. Our website may also store cookies on your web browser in order to improve service for you on your subsequent visits to the website.

The use of cookies is an industry standard and most major websites use them. Most internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can adjust your internet browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies are being used.

Our website also records other information which is used to improve the structure and performance of the site and to provide users with an improved service. Information collected for this purpose may include, overall usage statistics and information downloaded. However, we do not correlate this information with data about individual users.

1A  Like all other users of cookies, we may request the return of information from your computer when your browser requests a web page from our server.  Cookies enable our web server to identify you to us, and to track your actions and the pages you visit while you use our website.  The cookies we use may last for a single visit to our site (they are deleted from your computer when you close your browser), or may remain on your computer until you delete them or until a defined period of time has passed.

Although your browser software enables you to disable cookies, we recommend that you allow the use of cookies in order to take advantage of the features of our website that rely on their use. If you prevent their use, you will not be able to use all the functionality of our website.  Here are the ways we use cookies:

1A.1  to record whether you have accepted the use of cookies on our web site.  This is solely to comply with the law.  If you have chosen not to accept cookies, we will not use cookies for your visit, but unfortunately our site will not work well for you;

1A.2  to allow essential parts of our web site to operate for you;

1A.3  to operate our content management system;

1A.4  to operate the online notification form – the form that you use to contact us for any reason.  This cookie is set on your arrival at our web site and deleted when you close your browser;

1A.5  to enhance security on our contact form.  It is set for use only through the contact form.  This cookie is deleted when you close your browser;

1A.6  to collect information about how visits use our site.  We use the information to improve your experience of our site and enable us to increase sales.  This cookie collects information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited;

1A.7  to record that a user has viewed a webcast.  It collects information in an anonymous form.  This cookie expires when you close your browser;

1A.8  to record your activity during a webcast.  An example is as to whether you have asked a question or provided an opinion by ticking a box.  This information is retained so that we can serve your information to you when you return to the site.  This cookie will record an anonymous ID for each user, but it will not use the information for any other purpose.  This cookie will last for [three] months, when it will be deleted automatically;

1A.9  to store your personal information so that you do not have to provide it afresh when you visit the site next time.  This cookie will last for [90] days;

1A.10       to enable you to watch videos we have placed on YouTube.  YouTube will not store personally identifiable cookie information when you use YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode.

If you disable the use of cookies on your web browser or remove or reject specific cookies from our website or linked websites then you may not be able to gain access to all of the content and facilities on our website.

2. We may use your information in the following ways:

3. Disclosure of your Personal Information

You agree that we may disclose your personal information to related or unrelated third parties in the following manner:

4. Information Quality

We will review, on a regular and ongoing basis, our collection and storage practices to make improvements to accuracy and security of your personal information.

5. Access to and alteration of records containing Personal Information.

You may access your personal information that we may be holding in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

We will correct our records that contain your personal information as soon as practically possible, at your request in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

We do not charge a fee for processing a request to access your personal information or amend your personal information.

If you would like access to your personal information or like to have your personal information corrected, you can do so by contacting us. Further information on contacting us is located in clause 8 of this Policy.

6. Transferring personal information overseas

We will disclose your personal information to third party suppliers you have requested who may be located overseas.  The disclosure of such information is necessary to complete any bookings or make reservations.  We have no control over what any third-party suppliers may do with your information.  If you provide information to us with a view to it being read, copied, downloaded, or used by other people, we accept no responsibility for what that third party may do with it.  It is up to you to satisfy yourself about the privacy level of every person who might see your information, if it is available to all the World, neither we nor you have no control whatever as to how it is used.

7. Agreement

By using our service or our website, you signify your assent to this Policy.